I am a graduate of Glasgow’s Mackintosh School of Art with an honours degree in Architecture and 4 years experience working as a part 2 Architect.

Since having children and making the decision not to go back in to that particular field of work, I have been developing my own unique drawing style, combining computer aided drawing techniques (acquired during my architectural training) and freehand sketching.

The context of my work usually looks to describe the city and the lives that go on within the built environment.  It’s a vibrant style which helps portray this wonderful urban way of life that I have come to love.

I sell prints of my work on-line and at Art Fair Events, where I also promote the concept of getting ‘Sketched In’ to my Street Scenes.

All of my work ends up as a digital formatted piece, so therefore can be printed as large as the client needs on various different mediums.



Early Work

Developing a style...

I am based in Shepherd’s Bush, London, which first inspired me to start sketching City Life.  I initially perceived London Life to be very transient and fast moving. This changed dramatically when I had my first child, as I realized that I had actually been living in a very real, tight-knit community for years, but had just never had the chance to fully take the time to understand it and embrace it before. I really welcomed the change of pace and started taking the time to observe it and record both my surrounding area as well as my own private family life. 



Private Work

A Day in the Life of....

I work on private bespoke commissions too, where by I depict ‘A day in the Life' of a family within a huge cross-sectional elevation of their family home.  They aim to capture a moment in time, portraying a family's every day routine in great detail.


What’s involved....

A commissioned piece like this is likely to take around 200 hours of work and will involve at least 2 site visits to meet the family and get a feel for their daily routine and to take an initial batch of photographs.


Large Scale public work

This shows a public arts project which was done in collaboration with St Stephen's Primary School in Shepherd's Bush and was digitally printed on to wall paper for installation.